HYPERION G3 LiFePO4 Batteries for Radio Transmitters and Receivers
Almost all transmitter and receiver power packs today are made using NiMH cells.  Many users have noted the much higher capacity or lighter weight of Lipo cells, but LiPo have voltage "too high" (3.7V/cell) to work reliably with most transmitters, receivers, and servos.

But unlike LiPo, LiFePO4 cells (3.3V/cell) can be an excellent replacement for NiMH on voltage basis.

And compared to high-capacity NiMH packs, the Hyperion G3 LifePO4 Radio batteries have these other advantages:

  • More capacity per gram, meaning lighter models in flight, and longer transmitter duration
  • Almost no "self discharge", so your radio is always ready to go even weeks after charging.
  • Superior voltage performance under load, so your servos perform with more consistent torque and speed.
  • Faster charge time (as fast as 15 minutes!)
2S 6.6V Receiver Pack
3S 9.9V Transmitter Pack In addition, the LiFe chemistry is not subject to "thermal runaway" fires, which can occur when LiPo are overcharged, making LiFe a much safer alternative.

Hyperion - as well as other quality digital servos makers - will be introducing "High Voltage" servo types which can handle both LiFePO4 and LiPo voltages.  However, unlike LiPo, LiFePO4 can be stored in a fully charged state, and discharged deeper, without damage to the cells. So they are more "rugged" than LiPo, safer, more convenient and a better choice overall.

In the LiFe pack photos, you can see a Hyperion-style balance connector, and also a red connector with 3.5mm gold plugs, and a "spare" connector set.  The red connector allows these packs to be charged at high rates.  The "spare" can be attached to your existing Radio plug, or used to make a charge cable.

Or you can purchase ready-made accessory cables such as shown below

HP-FG-CBL-2EHR is specifically made for radio transmitters, such as JR 9x, which use this 2-pin plug type. Connect this between your G3 transmitter pack, and the radio.
HP-FG-CBL-3STD is made for radio transmitters which use the 3-pin "servo" connectors, or can be used to power any standard receiver using a G3 6.6V receiver pack.
HP-FG-CBL-CHG is a Charge Cable, which allows the packs to be charged at high rates.
HP-FG-CON35-2P is two sets of 3.5mm connectors and insulators, allowing you to make any needed cable.

G3 LiFePO4 Receiver Packs (Rx)


TYPE Capacity Max Current
Max Charge
Rate (4C)

L x W x H (mm)


HP-FG305-0850-2S 6.6V "flat" 850mAh 4.25A 3.4A 57 x 30 x 17 51
HP-FG305-1450-2S 6.6V "flat" 1450mAh 7.25A 5.8A 87 x 30 x 17.5 82
HP-FG305-1600-2S 6.6V "Thin" 1600mAh 8.0A 6.4A 91 x 51 x 11 90
HP-FG305-1700-2S 6.6V "hump" 1700mAh 8.5A 6.8A 57 x 32 x 32 98
HP-FG305-2100-2S 6.6V 2100mAh 10.5A 8.4A 97 x 31 x 20 110
HP-FG320-3000-2S 6.6V 3000mAh 60.0A 12.0A 135 x 37 x 20 188
HP-FG320-3800-2S 6.6V 3800mAh 76.0A 15.2A 134 x 43 x 21 226

(Est. release date July 25 2009)
  • Each pack can sustain the listed max continuous current, and safely exceed it by 60% for 20 seconds.
  • Suggested max charge rate is 4C, which delivers 12-18 minute charge times, typically.
  • For larger models using the larger Rx packs and many or high-power servos, we recommend wiring the receiver for power with 16-18AWG silicone wire, and installing the supplied spare 3.5mm gold plug set, to match the Rx pack.
  • See CAUTION at bottom of this page about servo types
G3 LiFePO4 Transmitter Packs (Tx)


TYPE Capacity Max Current
Max Charge
Rate *

L x W x H (mm)


HP-FG305-1600-3S 9.9V Futaba Flat 1600mAh 8.0A 4.8A 92 x 51 x 16 130
HP-FG305-2080-2S 6.6V FUT 4PK 2080mAh 10.4A 4.8A 79 x 42 x 18 110
HP-FG305-2100-3S 9.9V Standard 2100mAh 10.5A 4.8A 96 x 31 x 29 159

(Est. release date Sept 1 2009)
  • Absolute Max charge rate is 4.8A, as this is the rating of the PCM safety chips used inside the packs.  Still this is quite a high charge rate, and allows recharge in 30-45 minutes, typically.
  • The PCM device protects the pack from over-voltage charging.  It also allows the pack to remain installed in the transmitter, and then be charged with the standard NiCd or NiMH wall-charger which comes with most transmitters.
    (wall chargers up to 12V max for 3S packs, or 8V for 2S are usable)

 - HP-FG305-1600-3S is a replacement for any transmitter which uses 8-cell NiMH in a "flat" arrangement
 - HP-FG305-2080-2S is a replacement for CAR Tx (or any) which use 5-cell NiMH "flat" packs, such as Futaba 4PK Pistol grip Tx.
 - HP-FG305-2100-3S is a replacement for any transmitter which uses 8-cell NiMH in a 2x2x2 "block" arrangement.

 The Hyperion G3 packs come with Hyperion-Style balance connectors. Hyperion EOS chargers can be used without extra adapters.  Other-brand chargers may require purchase of an adapter to match Hyperion connectors.  
  • These packs are LiFePO4 chemistry.  Only charge them on quality chargers - such as Hyperion EOS line - which have a dedicated charge routine for LifePO4 cells.  The only exception is the Transmitter packs with PCM, which may be charged while in the transmitter, using the standard wall charger supplied by the Tx maker.
  • NEVER attempt to charge damaged packs.
  • Read all cautions on product packaging before using these packs.

HP-DS095-FMD Metal Wing Servo - Digital, ProgrammableSERVOS - Many servos on the market, and particularly many of the lower-cost analog types, cannot operate at the voltage supplied by these LiFe Receiver packs.  Attempting to use a servo rated for maximum of 6V or less WILL RESULT in reduced servo life, and may lead to in-flight failure. Any such failure is the sole responsibility of the user.

All current Hyperion ATLAS Digital servos (except DS09 and DS11 series) can accept the voltage supplied by the G3 LiFe receiver packs.  If servo loads are especially high, such as with heli collective servos used in hard 3D, you may see slightly reduced lifespan in trade for higher torque and speed output.  Hyperion will also soon be introducing a High Voltage (HV) Digital servo series which are specifically made for input voltage in the range of 6V to 7.4V.  As such, they will be able to accept anything from 5-cell NiMH packs to 2S LIPO packs. (est. release Oct 1 2009).

In general, when using G3 Rx packs your servos should be of high quality from trusted makers, and have specification allowing up to 6.5V loaded input voltage. 

If you have any concerns about the voltage rating of your servos, you may choose to run a BEC unit, such as the 5V/6V selectable Hyperion SBEC pictured at left (HP-TICOOL-BEC), in order to regulate voltage down to suit your servos.  This offers greater safety compared to BEC units running off the main flight pack because even if your main flight pack is completely depleted in flight the radio and servos will maintain power via the Rx pack.

Warranty Coverage

Hyperion G3 LiFePO4 Radio Packs are guaranteed as follows:
• Defects in materials and workmanship (solder joints, etc) for one year from date of purchase.
• Persistent imbalance of one cell of greater than 0.06V compared to average of other cell(s) in the pack. Must be reported within 3 months of date of purchase.

Hyperion G3 LiFePO4 Radio Packs are NOT guaranteed for the following:
• Physical Damage to the pack occurring after purchase (impact, water/moisture/salt, etc)
• Over-voltage charging, or other error by charger or user setting of charger.
• Use outside of specifications
• Damage due to improper storage (very hot locations, etc)
• Short circuit
• Improper balance connections to charger
• Returns without copy of Original Receipt
• Returns without accompanying note stating the reason for return

Your selling dealer is your first point of contact for warranty issues. Please contact your dealer for advice BEFORE returning any item.  In many cases your dealer can help you solve a problem without return.  Return postage is the responsibility of the user in all cases.

You MUST Submit copy of original receipt, and explanation of the problem with the return.
Returned units should be examined by the Hyperion dealer’s tech department within 10 days of arrival, maximum, and contact made with the user to explain the findings.