Hyperion Emeter V1, Firmware Updates (Revised Oct 22 2007, legacy product)

Version 1.23 firmware has all previous updates, and supports Programming all TITAN ESC, including new TITAN V31 types


V1.22: Has all previous updates, and supports Programming all TITAN ESC, including new TITAN V3 types

V1.21:  Includes previous updates, plus support for TITAN V2 12S ESC and V2 6S 50/80A ESC


  • An improved algorithm samples current readings 15 times per second and integrates the results to overcome fluctuations experienced with some brushless ESC/Motor combinations, particularly when driven from a power supply or with long length of input battery leads.  Therefore we strongly recommend all users upgrade to v1.20. The steadied current readings will also improve results when calculating efficiency via propeller constants.  Potentially, there could even be a small increase in accuracy of milli-amp-hours capacity readings during battery testing.
  • No re-calibration of the Emeter is required as a result of this firmware upgrade.
  • In response to requests from several owners, changes have been made to the prop. constant configuration process. It is now possible to increment any of the power factor or prop. constant digits past 9 to zero or to decrement the figure past zero to 9. This will lessen the number of button pushes needed to set the prop constants
  • We have also incorporated other improvements which will allow us to add even more features in the future - all of which, of course, will be available as free downloads
  • Includes support for programming of TITAN 90HV PO controller, and all previous enhancements

V1.10: Added Support for Emeter Programming of TITAN 90HV-PO Brushless Controller, for 5S to 10S lithium and 3 more Timing Options. Also includes all previous improvements.

V1.09: Added Minimum/Maximum Voltage, Maximum Amperage View screen
 (now you can even capture in-flight data!)


*Added Averaging OFF Method for Tachometer Readings. Faster, more stable tach readings under some lighting conditions

To toggle Averaging mode ON/OFF, hold down button "A" with Emeter power switch Off, then switch Emeter power ON.  Release button when you see the Tach Mode confirmation screen.

*Added Value to your Emeter, with new SERVO TESTER function!
  Click here for Servo Tester Function instructions


A Hyperion PC interface cable (HP-EM-PCCABLE SERIAL, or HP-TI-PRGUSB USB) is required in order to install the update.

Step 1:
Make sure that your Emeter on-board batteries are adequately charged! Connect Shunt Input side to a 10V~15V DC power source for 2 hours.

Step 2:
Download newest release of Emeter v1 Firmware

Step 3: Double-Click the EmeterUpXXX.zip and copy the files to Folder of your choice
           (WinXP can do this natively, other Win OS may require ZIP program such as WinZip)

Step 4:
Attach HP-EM-PCCABLE to a 9-pin COM Port on your Windows PC. (or TI-PRGUSB adapter cable to USB Port)

Step 5: Connect your Adapter's 4-Pin Connector to Emeter (it only goes one way!). Do NOT turn the Emeter power switch ON yet.

Step 6: Double-Click the Firmware Update File E-Meter_v1-XX.exe

Step 7: Choose the correct COM Port from the drop-down list

Step 8: Click the "Upgrade Software" Button

Step 9: Turn on the Emeter Power Switch ( 1 )

Step 10: Wait until the "Update Completed" message is seen, then turn off the Emeter power switch and disconnect.


If you cannot proceed past Step 6, then you may need to copy the two additional files (COMDLG32.OCX and MSCOMM32.OCX) to your \Windows\System32 directory.  They are required for the VisualBasic Firmware Updater Software.  In most cases, however, it is not necessary to copy these files to the System32 folder.  You can leave them in same folder as E-Meter_v1-20.exe file.

If you cannot see any COM ports in the drop down box,  Step 7, then you need to...

Check Windows Device Manager to see that your COM Port is enabled:
    RIGHT click on "My Computer", Choose Properties, then "Hardware" tab, then "Device Manager" button. Then LEFT click on the "Ports" section, and see if you have any COM ports enabled.  If not, you'll need to enter "CMOS" Setup at boot time, to enable at least one COM port. Call a PC-guru friend, or the computer vendor, if you don't know how to enter CMOS setup, please.  We are not offering support in this area.

If you cannot proceed past Step 8, then you need to...

Close the Updater Software ( X in top right corner), then start again from Step 6 and choose a different COM Port.


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