Real-time PC Graphing software for Emeter (v1) and Windows OS!  It is offered completely free.  It does not come with any guarantees of satisfaction, but we think you'll like it!

The Emeter PC Software requires an interface cable between PC and the Emeter.  To see the details and options at the CABLES and CONNECTIVITY GUIDE CLICK HERE.

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Note we are not offering "user" support of any kind for Emeter v1 software or firmware.  This includes questions regarding software setup, PC hardware configuration, which buttons to push in the software, or what the graphs mean.  We do cover some of these topics in the user's manual. For questions you still have after reading the manual and exploring the software, please read the Emeter Software thread on the Ezone and post your question there.


August 9 06 Release v1.2.8
*Added functionality to the TPE Applet: Save and retrieve a text file of results.
*Improved the interface for Emeter Software
*Emeter software now retains last used ASL and Temp settings
*Fixed various minor issues/bugs in both Emeter PC software and TPE

July 11 Release v1.2.7
Added a stand-alone "TPE" calculator for Thrust - Pitch Speed - Efficiency
(useful when you have data stored on your Emeter to enter manually)

Incorporated numerous usabilty improvements
Updated July database of Hyperion Prop constants

June 5 release v1.2.5
Added JPG export of the dataframe, or graph only, selectable
Incorporated the updated June database of Hyperion Prop constants

May 21 release v1.2.4
Added the ability to choose various datapoint markers or lines
Added Imperial or Metric choice for ASL and temperature
Corrected some efficiency calculations
Allows install to any available hard disk
Minor bug fixes

April 6 release v1.2.1
Added descriptive text field for each test series
Increased max COM port to 18

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