Hyperion TITAN ESC Programming Software
July 12, 2007

Updated July 12 2007 -  Revision 1.3.1
* Includes all previous updates
* Programs any TITAN ESC, including future V31 HV types (with Accel Delay, GasMode)

Updated February 1 2007 -  Revision 1.2.0
* Now compatible with ANY language version Windows, including Japanese and Chinese
* Updated to handle any TITAN ESC, including 2007 V3 versions
, and TI-WARN versions
* Automatically searches COM ports to find Titan ESC
* A green "LED" lights, when successfully connected to TITAN ESC
* Reports ESC Hardware version and Max Lithium Cell Count on connection
* A "RESET" Button has been added which sets ESC back to Factory Defaults
(note: suggested lipo per/cell cutoff voltage is now 3.1V for all TITAN ESC)