Zs22 Series Brushless Outrunners

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  • Made of the finest materials
  • Extreme efficiency & power output
  • Longest life
  • Highest value

The new Hyperion Zs motor series cost more than "budget" brands, but provide much more value in the short run - and over the years.  Simply put, everything inside and out is the very best obtainable.  Japanese 0.2mm stator steel and NMB bearings, 200C magnets and coil wire (hand-wound), and precision all-CNC construction;  All these lay the foundation on which two years of intensive design and testing have delivered the highest efficiency motors ever produced.  And stringent ISO 9001 Quality Control - plus extra care such as magnet temperature batch testing - insure your maximum satisfaction, both present and future.

The Zs22 series replace our previous Z22 series airplane motors.  While the Z series remain fine motors and still compete with every other high-quality brand in the market, the new Zs simply blow away the competition on performance.  On average, when the a Zs motor is configured to turn the same prop at the same rpm as the "Z", it will consume 13% to 18% less power from the battery, due to large gains in efficiency.  This allows you to use a smaller-capacity Hyperion G3 LiPo pack to achieve the lowest possible flying weight. Or you can fly much longer on the same size pack and have that pack last longer, due to reduced stress on the battery!  Alternatively, you may choose to "push" the Zs series motors much harder, as they can handle more power without overheating.

Zs22 motors are drop-in replacements for the Z22 which were recommended for many of our Hyperion ARF models.  In addition, the Zs22 come with an extensive hardware package containing everything needed to either front or back mount the motor - including a prop adapter with 5mm shaft - so there are no extra costs.
ZS22 Dimensions (mm)    

Zs22 series dimensions in millimeters (mm)
a b c d e f g i j
ZS2205 15.8 20.4 27.9 3.0 11.0 7.0 38.4 12.0 29.1
ZS2209 22.1 26.6 27.9 3.0 11.0 7.0 44.4 12.0 35.5
ZS2213 26.0 30.5 27.9 3.0 11.0 6.0 47.5 12.0 39.3

HP-ZS2205-34 HP-ZS2205-38 HP-ZS2209-24 HP-ZS2209-30 HP-ZS2213-18 HP-ZS2213-22
Weight 32.6 g 32.6 g 45.4 g 45.4 g 59.7 g 59.7 g
Winding 34T 38T 24T 30T 18T 22T
Magnet Count 14 14 14 14 14 14
Resistance 0.164 Ohm 0.207 Ohm 0.122 Ohm 0.161 Ohm 0.082 Ohm 0.116 Ohm
IO (@10V) 0.46 A 0.4 A 0.5 A 0.45 A 0.58 A 0.46 A
KV 1587 rpm/V 1430 rpm/V 1165 rpm/V 950 rpm/V 1042 rpm/V 862 rpm/V
Typical Current 5A~10A 4A~9A 8A~14A 7A~13A 12A~20A 10A~17A
Max Current 15A 13A 19A 17A 25A 21A
Max Power 115 Watts 100 Watts 210 Watts 190 Watts 280 Watts 240 Watts
G3 LiPo Light CX 450 CX 450 CX 850 CX 850 VX 1100 VX 1100
G3 LiPo Duration CX 850 CX 850 CX 1100 CX 1100 CX 2100 CX 2100
Atlas ESC Sugg. 12A 12A 12A/25A 12A/25A 25A 25A
Replaces "Z" Z2205-34 Z2205-38 Z2209-26 Z2209-32 Z2213-16/20 Z2213-20/24


Tech Notes

  • Typical Current (A) - These indicate the usual range of amperage for the typical model in which the motor is used.  This range will provide very high average efficiency, and should be safe under a wide range of conditions (summer/winter) and model setups assuming adequate cooling airflow exists.
  • Max Current (A) - These specs are for general guidance only and for <10 seconds continuous.  Conditions particular to your situation - such as ambient temperature, number of cells (S) in series, airflow available to the motor, etc... - can have a profound impact on the max current you are able to safely draw from the motor.  You may be able to safely exceed these specs, or not, depending on those factors.  It is YOUR responsibility to check motor temperature after 10 seconds runtime and again after a short flight.  If the motor feels very uncomfortable to the touch (or exceeds 80C measured) you should reduce propeller size or pitch.  While the ZS motors can sustain higher temperatures, a properly setup model can usually obtain tremendous performance without exceeding 80C.  We strongly recommend use of the Hyperion Emeter II, which measures voltage,  amperage, watts, temperatures, rpm and more.  This empowers you to optimize your power system performance, and insure that it will stay reliable.
  • Max Power (Watts):  The same cautions as above with Max Current apply.  Check temperatures to determine proper combination of battery and propeller.
  • G3 Lipo Light/Duration - We hope you'll use Hyperion Generation 3 (G3) Lithium Polymer packs to power your Zs motors.  They provide the highest possible performance, long life, and can be charged in as few as 10 minutes.  The "light" suggestions suit models which need the lowest possible flying weight, such as 3D aerobats.  The "Duration" picks allow longer flights, or multiple flights per charge, and are common for the average sport model.  Note that "in-between" sizes may give an ideal blend.  For example, Zs2213 motors may use the recommended VX (35C) 1100 for 3D or CX (25C) 2100 for duration, but you could also choose either VX or CX 1600 for a "middle" pick.
  • Atlas ESC Suggested - Hyperion ATLAS series speed controllers will be available worldwide by June 1st 2009.  They feature the best of hardware components for lowest internal resistance and high efficiency - as well as new firmware with extremely sophisticated motor drivers for best performance.  Suggested ESC are typical for each motor, but you may choose a higher-rated ESC (i.e. 35A rather than 25A) as you wish.
  • Replaces "Z" - Hyperion ARF model airplanes produced until recently will show recommendations for the previous "Z" series motors.  This shows you the appropriate substitution for each of the new Zs series motors.

Apology - Due to an error the initial Zs2213 box label may list 47.5g motor weight (59.7g is correct)