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November 26, 2014

Dissolution of "HYPERION EU" via NEW HEADING ApS

To whom it may concern,

HYPERION HK LTD., producer of Hyperion-brand radio-control related products, previously engaged NEW HEADING ApS of Denmark as sole distributor of Hyperion-branded products for the EU market, and granted to New heading ApS use of the business name "Hyperion EU" for that purpose.

Under agreements in consideration of preferential business terms, NEW HEADING ApS was and remains responsible for all marketing, service, support, and warranty responsibilities for any and all HYPERION brand products sold via the name "New Heading ApS", or through New Heading ApS as "Hyperion EU", at any time.

As of November 26, 2014 HYPERION HK LTD revokes the right of NEW HEADING ApS to use the name "Hyperion EU", and HYPERION HK LTD asserts all rights to the HYPERION brand name - including all rights to the present and future use of the name HYPERION EU - and any domain name including the word "hyperion" which may have been used and/or registered by NEW HEADING ApS, or any other party.

HYPERION HK Ltd. has no contractual obligations to NEW HEADING ApS, nor any responsibility with respect to any contract entered into by NEW HEADING ApS together with any third party, under any name, at any time.

HYPERION HK Ltd. maintains past, present, and future rights to collect payment for products delivered by HYPERION HK Ltd to NEW HEADING ApS, according to the existing records of such deliveries under the arranged terms per delivery.

For any issue related to products sold via NEW HEADING ApS under any business name, or contracts entered into by NEW HEADING ApS, please find contact information below:

New Heading ApS - VAT 26019478
Jernholmen 48D DK-2650 Hvidovre DENMARK
TEL: +45 70 270 620
FAX: +45 70 270 640
EMAIL: info@newheading.com

EU-based Dealers may contact Hyperion directly, at sales@hyperion.hk for pricing, terms, and product line information.

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With Best Regards,

Director, Hyperion HK Ltd.