Hyperion, Quality R/C Products


HYPERION HK LTD., producer of Hyperion-brand radio-control related products, now also serves as a logistics hub for some of the most-exciting, hottest-selling brands in RC and consumer goods! Hyperion HK has made large-volume contracts for these great brands so we can sell to you at low, low prices, without minimum quantity requirements - and we also provide warehousing, one-shot payments, and shipping conglomeration services with every order.

So now you can conveniently order brands such as Hyperion, Hubsan Models, FatShark FPV, iMax Chargers, Chargery PS, SeCraft Accessories, Tiger Motors, HSP Cars, and more, all with one order, one payment, and low ship costs.

The only requirement is a very low minimum USD order level. No minimum quantity requirements, at all!


  • Place a single order for a wide variety of brands and products, saving you time filling forms and sending email.
  • Order just the monthly inventory you need for each item, while saving on shipping and banking costs.
  • Pay less per item than if you went direct to the factory, even though we require NO MOQ per item.
  • Make only ONE bank transfer, saving your precious time and money.
  • Save using Hyperion's negotiated shipping discounts on bulk air and sea shipments.
  • Achieve heavy-weight shipment discounts, without overstocking any items.

Please contact Hyperion directly, at sales@hyperion.hk for pricing, terms, and product line information.

With Best Regards,

Kaori Lam
Director, Hyperion HK Ltd.